Full Valet


  • Hand wash exterior car using hot water
  • Steam clean door hinges, shuts, inside fuel cap, boot hinges and wheel arches
  • Remove any break dust from wheels using acid free cleaner
  • Remove any green moss from the rubbers of the windows (if applicable)
  • Dry body work
  • Full tar removal
  • Apply appropriate wax for colour/condition of car
  • Polish window/ mirrors inside and out
  • Dress tyres and any exterior trims
  • Wire wool and polish chrome exhaust pipe
  • Full interior hoover including boot
  • All interior upholstery shampooed including carpets, mats and door panels
  • If upholstery is leather then this is cleaned using natural products and then conditioned to protect.
  • All interior plastics cleaned and conditioned using silicone free products including fans, foot pedals and steering wheel etc.
  • Air freshener of your choice
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